Balcony Gardens

Balcony Gardens Australia creates design solutions for the exterior spaces of Australia’s fastest-growing, residential lifestyle - apartments, townhouses, courtyards, terraces and rooftops. We call them “balcony-scapes”.

Even in the smallest spaces, Balcony Gardens can apply architectural form to Australia’s outdoor lifestyle and give you a balcony makeover that’s above and beyond any ordinary garden. A calming space to relax and reflect; a welcoming space to share and entertain; a therapeutic space that fills you with contentment and a feeling of wellbeing.

Balcony Gardens also understands the many unique issues involved – high-rise logistics; security; easily managed plants; temperature and wind effects plus all of the other special requirements for creating and installing a beautiful balcony-scape at your place.

Residential Gardens


You don't need to live in an apartment to enjoy a garden designed and built by Balcony Gardens Australia. Tim Barnes Structural Landscaping, a division of Balcony Gardens Australia, applies the same design expertise and attention to detail to the development of gardens for houses.

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Residential Garden Design & Construction
Balcony Gardens Australia also designs and builds beautiful gardens for homes